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I Am Who? Who Is Jesus?

I AM not doing the things you see me do!
JN 5:17, 19, 30, 36, 8:28, 29, 9:4, 10:25, 32, 37, 14:10, 11, 31, 17:4

I AM not saying the things you hear me say!
JN 7:16-18, 8:28, 29, 38, 12:49, 50, 14:24, 31, 16:15

I AM not the one you see when you look at me!
JN 12:45, 14:7, 9

I AM not the one you know when you know me!
JN 8:19, 14:7, 9, 16:3

I AM not the one you receive when you receive me!
JN 13:20

I AM not who you acknowledge when you acknowledge me!
1 JN 2:23

I AM not the one you deny when you deny me!
1 JN 2:22, 23

I AM not the one you love when you love me!
1 JN 5:1

I AM not the one you believe in when you believe in me!
JN 12:44

I AM come in someone else’s name!
JN 5:43, 12:28, 17:6

I AM the image of that someone else!
Col. 1:15, 19, Heb. 1:3

Except ye believe that I AM ye shall die in your sins!
JN 8:24-27

EX. 3:14

The Great significance of these statements is the fact that in a Trinity Jesus is considered to be “God the Son.” Yet, IF He were “God the Son” shouldn’t He be empowered by “God the Son” instead of the Father? Thus we find Jesus revealing that He is the Father revealed in flesh! “God manifest in flesh!” 1 Timothy 3:16, Isaiah 9:6, John 10:30. Jesus was NOT “God the Son,” but He was and is God! All the fullness of God dwelleth in Him! Colossians 2:9.

So why the confusing language? John 16:25 tells us there is coming a day when He will no longer speak in proverbs but will show us plainly of the Father! Now IF God were a Trinity, why wouldn’t He show us of the Holy Spirit also? The reason is clear! God is NOT a Trinity!

The reason He spoke in proverbs was so that they wouldn’t know who He was! Matthew 13:13. But mostly so that His plan would be fulfilled. “Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.” To fulfill His plan of being our spotless Lamb, He had to speak in enigmatic language, dark sayings, and parables. Otherwise, they would not have crucified Him. But to those who are hungrily seeking after Him, He will be revealed.

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