The Whole Gospel to the Whole World by the Whole Church

Pastoral Staff

Pastor:  Rev. Brandon Abernathy

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The Abernathy’s first came to Johnston City in 2004, after working in missions work for one year in Zambia, Africa. They worked from 2004 until 2012 as the Youth Pastor of our church. In 2012 they were appointed as missionaries to South Africa and left Johnston City to fulfill this call to Africa. After working as missionaries to South Africa for three years, Rev. Glasco asked them to consider coming back to Johnston City as Pastor our church. In October of 2015 the Abernathy’s were elected as Pastor and in January 2016 began his pastorate in Johnston City. Pastor Abernathy, along with his wife, Adrian, and son, Gavin, desires to see our church grow numerically but more importantly spiritually; to continue to be a place of refuge for the wounded heart and a place of nourishment for the hungry soul.

Senior Pastor:  Rev. Michael Glasco

Senior Pastor, Michael and LouAnn Glasco, have served in ministry to the United Pentecostal Church in Johnston City for 32 years. In 1984, after two previous pastorates and several years of evangelistic ministry, the Glascos were elected as pastor for JCUPC. Together with their six-week old daughter, they arrived to make their home and put down roots in Johnston City.
As the congregation grew, God blessed with two building expansions, including a new sanctuary in 1997.
From 1985-1989, Pastor Glasco also served the Illinois District as Youth Secretary and Youth President, and afterward served on the Illinois District Board for 16 years.
Pastor Glasco has demonstrated a tremendous burden for the cause of missions, home and foreign. Because of this passion to help spread the Acts 2:38 message of salvation around the world, he has led this congregation in giving over $1,000,000 since the year 2001.
Feeling the church’s need for additional pastoral help in 2016, the Glascos have joyfully transitioned to the place of Senior Pastor, making way for our new pastor, Rev. Brandon Abernathy and family, to take the larger portion of responsibility in guiding the church forward.